hozenI think I told you about the Hozen before? They’re an odd bunch – calling me a wikket (whatever that means!) This is their leader Tooki Tooki. He’s a pretty chill dude. Well really, besides the occasional freakout over random stuff, they all are. They do seem to have an unflinching dislike for a race called the Jinyu. The Jinyu are a strange race too. Not that I’ve had much to do with them, but they’re the Hozen’s enemies, so I guess they’re ours now too.

I helped the Hozen out for a bit since General Nazgrim is looking to establish a foothold here and the Hozen seemed fairly co-operative. The Pandaren, on the other hand, seem strangely neutral. They’re not outright siding with us or the Alliance, so it’s kinda strange. It does mean that I keep bumping into Alliance all over the place.

anduinSpeaking of bumping into the Alliance – just look at this! I couldn’t believe who we captured – the human prince. His name is Anduin. The Human king Varian is going to be so angry when he hears his son has been captured by the Horde! It’s a little weird though, I had the chance to talk to Anduin for a while and I kind of feel like I’m on a similar wavelength as him. Oh, I know it’s wrong – he’s Alliance and I’m Horde – and I am loyal to the warchief. Mind you, a lot of what Anduin said made a lot of sense. I’m going to have to think more carefully on his opinions.

cubsLorewalker Cho then asked me to head to another Pandaren village called Dawn’s Blossom. I think they consider it a city, but really it isn’t. It’s lovely though. It’s the sort of place that fits the word ‘quaint’ perfectly. Plus the locals are adorable, well the kids are. They call them cubs and they wouldn’t leave me alone to start with. We became pretty good friends though. Probably because I helped a bunch of them that got scared and got stuck up trees. After that we saved another cub that had been captured by a witch and turned into jade.

jadeviewSpeaking of jade, they do have quite a fascination with it here. Take a look at this view from near Dawn’s Blossom. Amazing view and even more amazing structure. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay in the Jade Forest since I keep hearing about so many other areas here in Pandaria. I do want to take a closer look at that tower though.

waterfallSo this Pandaria is a strange place. Well ok, I haven’t seen much of it yet, I’ll admit. The Jade Forest is all I’ve seen so far (and not all of it either!). The scenery is breathtaking. Soaring mountains, sheer drops down to the sea, waterfalls that seem to fall forever, and some of the weirdest inhabitants I’ve ever encountered. To start with, check out this waterfall behind me. There’s no way for me to show you the entire length of it in one shot. It’s incredible!

I’ve met some of the locals here. They call themselves Pandaren. One of the locals seems to be some sort of historian – he calls himself Lorewalker Cho. Lovely fellow, in fact we hit it off straight away and he invited me to have tea with him. Though I will admit, there may have been something in the tea since I seemed to experience some sort of hallucination.mogu I suppose hallucination is one way to describe it, others might call it a ‘walking nightmare’. Cho showed me some sort of being, I think he called it a Mogu, Whatever it’s called, it’s kinda scary! Now, I’ve seen some stuff. I remember out on Hellfire Peninsula, seeing that fel reaver scared the living daylights out of me. This thing gave me the same sort of feeling. The image Cho showed me was huge and just looked like a giant stone creature. I’m half hoping to see one in the flesh someday (just to experience it) and half thinking ‘nope, just nope’. Ah well, no point worrying about it for now, I suppose.

ancestorsA little after this, Cho showed me around a bit. One of the places was an area where he showed me his ancestors. Now I don’t mean he showed me their graves or anything, He lit some incense and I saw them! Then wonders of wonders, he had me light some and I saw my ancestors. Totally amazing! I saw my mother’s parents as they would have looked when they were my age. I haven’t seen them since I was little, and never looking like this – so young and strong. I recognised them straight away though and I was so excited to see them, I just wish mother could have been here. She would have been overjoyed to see her parents again, and would probably cry her eyes out! She never says a lot, but she misses her mother so much, I used to hear the pain in her voice when she told us stories of them. Her mother sounded like such a ferocious warrior when she was younger, it seems so illogical that she caught grandpa’s eye. He always struck me as the most centred, calm and loving person in all of Eversong Woods. I plan to send this picture home to her, I’m sure she’ll adore it.

Next time, remind me to tell you about these creatures called Hozen. Crazy ape type dudes, they keep calling me ‘wikket’. I have no idea what that means!

Lazy no more!

commandboardSo, last time I wrote, I mentioned that I’d been asked to visit the Warchief. I was all excited – I’d achieved something really cool and the Warchief had heard of my adventures. I’d been to Org (as the cool kids call it), so I didn’t have to worry about acting like some silly tourist. It definitely has a different, earthy vibe to it, but I’ll be honest, it doesn’t measure up to my beautiful Silvermoon City. Rough-hewn is a good phrase for it, tribal also works well (check out this pic of me in front of the Command Board). Unfortunately, dusty and primitive also describe it to a tee. Still, even though it’s not Silvermoon City, I hung about for a while. I think I needed a break.

I did take a few short trips around the place – back home to Silvermoon. So beautiful that I was tempted to stay forever. I didn’t though – even when I heard the news about a mysterious land that was discovered. Pandaria they call it. I was intrigued, but decided I just needed the rest more than anything.

Then recently I’ve been hearing rumours about some trouble out Shattrath way. Something’s going on, but I don’t know a lot about it – the place is so big and there are so many areas I never explored. No one really seems to know much about what’s happening so I figured I’d sate my curiosity about Pandaria first. General Nazgrim (from Org) gave me my orders and off I went!pandariabattle

First it was a long airship ride (good thing I don’t get airsick!) and then we landed smack bang in the middle of a battle. Seems that the Alliance have been trying to establish a foothold on Pandaria too. We managed to make it out of that and get to a local village, but I haven’t had much of a chance to look around. At first glance though, the place is gorgeous – lovely green forests, shimmering seas and intriguing new peoples to meet. Once I’ve had time to meet a few new people, I’ll write more.

For now though – more exploring!

Budd – AGAIN!

So I mentioned in my last entry, that I ran into Budd again. If you’re not sure who I mean, he’s the untrustworthy human who convinced me to become shark bait for him, in Vashj’ir.  I cannot believe I fell for that. I hoped I’d never run into him again.

Alas… it wasn’t to be. At least there were no sharks this time.

I was asked to head to Tanaris, as there was a group who needed help getting about in Uldum. Who should I encounter, on the back of the wagon, but Budd. I was dreading wandering around Uldum with him in tow. I was almost thankful to be captured by the Sand Pygmies (almost…). We got captured and ended up in a cage near an odd tiger horse creature. He turned out to be some sort of prince. Prince Nadun was his name, and he was really nice too! He was in chains and we managed to escape our chains/cages, but then it was a question of how to escape our captors and get to the safety of his city. I’m still having problems believing it, but Budd actually had a suggestion that got us out of it. Take a look at this pic though, I think he just wanted an excuse to play at being a ‘manataur’.

Once we were free, we all went to a place called Ramkahen. They’re the only ones left to fight Deathwing. The other two tribes were the Orsis (obliterated now) and the Neferset (they joined Deathwing’s side). I helped the Ramkahen a bit, though I didn’t tell them I wasn’t planning on sticking around for too long.

While I was there, I did run into another Human I’ve met before – Harrison Jones. This guy is totally nuts. Last time I ran into him he’d been captured by some Trolls, this time he was investigating some pyramids in the middle of the desert. We got into a bit of a pickle at first though. He got me to fiddle about with some dynamite and I guess I must have mishandled it, because it went off! Harrison yelled to jump into some chests he had nearby and we survived the huge explosion in one piece.

I was a bit rattled, but I helped him figure out the puzzle of the pyramid there. Some sort of Titan construction, I think. I was asked to go back and help Harrison out again and whilst I was really eager to do that, things weren’t giving me much of a challenge there. I really want to go back sometime and catch up with him again. Though I don’t know why I keep running into these nutjob Humans.

Anyway, I ended up heading back to Orgrimmar instead and was asked to visit the Warchief! I’ll let you know all about that next time. Some exciting times ahead for sure!

Undersea adventures

Growing up in Silvermoon City, I’d heard rumours about Naga being some sort of descendant of Elves. Whether it’s Blood Elves, Night Elves, or Highbourne – I don’t know. I don’t think anyone does, any more – some people refuse to even believe there’s a connection at all. Too much history has been lost perhaps? However, I’m pretty certain there is a connection. After exploring Vashj’ir and finding Elven statues in the Naga area, I’m thinking we might just have a common ancestor.

As part of my questing, I found a relic that enabled me to become a Naga battle maiden. It was amazing! It was like I was able to travel back in time and see historical events through the eyes of the Naga. During my exploring there, I found this statue. Now you tell me, don’t you think she looks like a Blood Elf? I look pretty fierce as a Naga too, don’t you think?

The whole Vashj’ir zone is a mind trip. It’s hard to work out where you’re supposed to go sometimes. Not only do you have to figure out where the heck you’re going, but you then need to work out if it’s up or down! The monsters there are mostly some version of Naga or fish/marine life, but the really trippy ones are these things called merciless ones. I had to put one on my head to speak to this gigantic entity called L’ghorek (and I don’t even know what sort of thing L’ghorek is!). When I very first tested it though, I um… went a bit nuts and started zapping people. It was weird but hugely funny. I really don’t think this will take off as a fashionable trend though…

So anyway, I explored the whole region and even helped out Erunak (a shaman from the Earthen Ring) and Legionnaire Nazgrim (from Orgrimmar)  with a battle to save Neptulon (the ruler of the deep ocean). I was so sad when we failed and the Naga (helped by a kraken!) ended up with control of him.  I have to say that I felt so tiny beside Neptulon and the kraken. Then after the battle was over, there was an enormous whirlpool created. Erunak was pulled in by this giant tentacle and Nazgrim jumped in after him. I jumped as well and there was an unbelievably beautiful cavern underneath.  The whole place was a thing of joy, but dangerous too. Turned out to be the entrance to a dungeon. 

Now I’ve heard of dungeons before, and have had the opportunity to go battle in them, but I’ve not accepted the challenge. They seem so dangerous and I’m a bit nervous of them. I decided that this day was ‘not a good day to die’ and retreated.

I retreated all the way back to Orgrimmar in fact. I’ve had invitations to help out, with the fight, in other areas – places with mysterious sounding names like Mt Hyjal, Deepholm and Uldum. I was advised, though, that my skills seemed high enough to explore Mt Hyjal and Deepholm later. In fact, it was suggested that I might want to refine a few skills in Uldum, and perhaps gather a few pieces of gear there, but not to tarry overly long there. Instead, I might want to make my way to a place called Twilight Highlands. I took this advice, but you’ll never believe who I found in Uldum… that untrustworthy human called Budd (yes, the one who convinced me to be shark bait recently) and that explorer I met in Grizzly Hills – Harrison Jones. I might leave that story until next time though. Telling of my adventures in Uldum may take a while – even though I wasn’t there for long!

A Call to Action!

I’d heard things after Deathwing were pretty rough in places. I think I’ve been pretty sheltered here in Northrend though. I never realised the extent of the destruction he’d caused.

After hanging about in Storm Peaks, and occasionally popping over to the Argent Tourney to have some fun with the jousting (still no beautiful dragonhawk yet unfortunately, this is obviously something I need to work on), I headed back to Dalaran for some more training. Awaiting me there, was an Orc with a Call to Action on the board. He let me know exactly what was going on and asked me to use the portal to Orgrimmar and seek out Farseer Krogar. I did this and he let me in on what Thrall has been doing and… WHO KNEW!

I mean, I knew Thrall used to be the Warchief and everything, but I thought he’d just gotten a bit tired of leading the Horde, with all its bickering factions, and went off on a personal discovery type journey. Nope. Apparently Thrall has been desperately trying to save us all. Farseer Krogar gave me a vision of what Thrall was doing, and it was like Thrall could actually see me! I couldn’t do anything in my vision though. I felt so guilty about it, so I’m determined to help out where I can. I was given the task of taking a ship to help out at Vashj’ir. I went willingly, but I’m having a few doubts now.

To start with, the ship was capsized by what looked to be some giant sea monster! As you’d imagine, after being tossed into the ocean by an enormous tentacle, I started to drown. I don’t recall this (I was kinda passed out, you see), but some kind soul took a pic for me. Thankfully there were Earthen Ring shamans nearby and I was saved (though I’m guessing you figured that out by now).

I did a bunch of quests there and I was given a magical boon – the ability to breathe underwater. So useful! It also gives me a bit of a speed boost too (also useful as I’m not sure Blood Elves are really that good at swimming). So, there I am doing my usual mercenary thing and helping people out (and getting paid handsomely for it too), when suddenly I find myself as shark bait. Yes, that’s right shark bait. As if I didn’t have enough monsters to worry about killing me – I had to go and deliberately put myself in the mouth of a shark. It was a human that asked me to do this for him. I’m thinking these humans aren’t very trustworthy…

Anyway, I survived (the shark didn’t… naturally) and I made sure Budd (the untrustworthy human) paid me well. I’ve moved on from that part of the area now and I’m sincerely hoping I never see him again!

On the upside, I have a new mount. She’s an adorable sea horse and it’s so much fun riding around on her. I need to figure out a name for her – any suggestions? Oh and also, someone told me that you can sometimes fish up a sea pony pet at the Darkmoon Faire. I have to go next time and try to get the sea pony. How cute would it be, to ride my sea horse with my sea pony following along! If I have any luck with the pet, I’ll try to get a pic to show you all.

As I mentioned last time, I got to catch up with Hemet Nesingwary again. Sholazar Basin is a lovely jungle-y sort of region, beautiful – if not a little dangerous. The wildlife there is rather on the large side – rhinos, dreadsabers, gigantic cobras, gorillas and crocolisks. Not to mention a bit of a dragon infestation in one area. Hemet had his usual hunting thing going on though. I must have cleared out hundreds of animals – between Hemet’s requests and a bet, that I had going, with one of the hunters that hangs out there (I won, of course!).

While there I got to meet some fascinating tribes of Gorlocs and Wolvar. Looks like those two have one looooong running feud. I tried not to get involved actually. One of these days I may just come back and see what it’s all about. Maybe help them out or something? One day… maybe.

To avoid taking sides I decided to head back to Dalaran. There were a couple of other invitations I’d received. One to help out in an area called Icecrown. I took the ride up to the Horde aircraft patrolling the region and you’ll never guess who I caught up with! Koltira Deathweaver himself. I haven’t seen him since that day near Andorhal, back in the Plaguelands. I’d heard rumours he’d been seen around Northrend, but this was the first I’d run into him. I don’t think he really remembered me – and who would blame him. The punishment Sylvanas gave him still sends a chill down my spine.

I don’t think I’m a very good member of the Horde though – I didn’t feel comfortable helping out Koltira and the team there.  I ended up heading over to the snowy mountain area nearby, called the Storm Peaks. I hung out with some Goblins at K3 and did a few quests over that side. I really like the snowy mountains. Very restful.

Oh, I do need to tell you about the Argent Tourney (another of the invitations that I’d received). Now this is a pastime I can get behind – jousting!  I was jousting with all sorts of factions – Horde and Alliance.  I love jousting with the Orcs and the Trolls (I beat them so often). Same with the Humans and Dwarves. Though I’ve found that the Tauren and the Night Elves try to cheat, by skirting so close to the boundary of the grounds, and I was often called out because of them.

I’ve spent a bit of time trying to build my reputation with the Sunreavers there. And no, it’s not because of the Magister Edien Sunhollow… Oh all right… maybe it is a bit. I got a pic with him – now take a look and tell me he’s not a fine figure of a Blood Elf?  Unfortunately, he takes no notice of me. I guess I need to build more rep first. On the good side of things though, all this effort I’m putting in, will (one day) allow me to get an absolutely gorgeous dragonhawk mount. They’re quite similar to the dragonhawks that fly wild around Eversong Woods. The ones back home are golden and red, whereas the Sunreaver one is silver and red. They’re so beautiful. One day, I will have one!

Before I go, I have heard grave rumours of a calamity that has occurred in Azeroth. Some people have been saying that Deathwing has returned and is wreaking havoc in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. I have heard that if I return to Dalaran, I may be called to fight. I hope to have news soon.


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